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"Whatever money can’t buy, death can’t take away from you - it’s amazing how rich we are."

a . m o m e n t . w i t h . y o u r . m a k e r

whether you’re in high school, university/college, full time work or you’re a full time parent, you understand the need for sleep, for a moments peace, for ‘down time’ and for a space within your place to simply breathe. a place to find your footing, settle yourself and energize your mind, body and spirit. for some of you, this comes through disappearing into a novel in a quiet place, putting in headphones on public transport, laying in your bed with the curtains closed, or sipping a coffee at a corner table in a quiet cafe. I wonder, how often do you feel tired or lethargic, and turn to a coffee or an energy drink before you turn to Jesus? how often do you reach for your headphones to hear relaxation through music, before you turn to Jesus to receive His peace? how often do you search for advice or guidance on the internet, before you turn to Jesus and His word to find your direction? how often do you look to the left and the right, in hopes of a quick easy fix; though His word says right before you, to come to Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Martha spent her days hurrying, stressing, preparing and pushing her way through, she was unsettled, unnerved, distracted and distressed. whilst Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, at peace, listening to His ways. in frustration, we often cringe at the response from our friends ‘just pray about it’ or ‘just seek Him on it’ and we can relate to Martha cringing at Mary’s decision to just sit in His presence whilst she was stressed and busy, and asked “don’t you care that she is just sitting there and I am doing all of this over here alone!? tell her to help me!” — Jesus responded “Martha, Martha.. you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” luke 10:41-42 in the same way that Mary simply chose to take a moment with her maker, and chose Him first over the question, stress and clutter of all that was to be done, or all that she needed, we also need to find a moment with our maker.

Jacinta / hope-movement.tumblr.com

A Love Story // Jesus and Barabbas // Jesus and I

We see the story of Jesus going to the cross, and everything seems to be kind of hand in hand, and there’ this one character that seems to interrupt a little. His name is Barabbas. We don’t even know much about him, except that he’s a murderer, the leader of an insurrection and a rebel. Why he’s even mentioned - sometimes I’m not so sure. It’s like ‘This is about Jesus going to the cross..’ but no, it’s a love story.

So in this moment, pilate thinks ‘I hold the destinies of these two men in my hands. I know the Jews have a tradition that on a holy day - I will release one of the prisoners on death row.’ Pilate stands on this audacious stage who now presents Jesus, son of God - verses Barabbas the thug and rebel. And says ‘Alright, who do you want?’ This is blasphemy, this is gone too far, there’s no comparison, this is a rightful prisoner, a man who should be on death row. He is a rebel against wrong, and he is a bad man, a thug and a crook. He deserves the chains, and he deserves the crucifixion. Jesus? What has He done but heal, restore, deliver, set free, open blind eyes, and open deaf ears, heal the lame and the leper… What has Jesus done? Who do you want?’ —— We want Barabbas, give us Barabbas. 

They say ‘Give us Barabbas’ and the soldiers come up and they put the key in they take his chains, and unlock Barabbas from his chains and shackles, and he walks down the platform. Welcomed by all of his thug friends. “Yeah, the people love me, the people love me. I don’t even know who this Jesus guy is, but all I know is my people love me.”  There seems to be no conscience in Barabbas. There’s no record of him turning to Jesus and saying “I owe You everything now, for You have set me free.” No. You don’t see any of that in Barabbas. God knew that. 

Jesus stood there silent. For He knew the will of His Father, and He said “It’s fine Father, let them have Barabbas.” For Jesus knew that the Father would have to treat Jesus like Barabbas, so He could treat Barabbas like Jesus. Barabbas thought it was the people that set him free… No, it was the love of of a heavenly Father. And when I look at the story, I realise who Barabbas really is. That’s me. That’s you. That’s us. And I felt like I was reading this the other day, and I felt God speak to me “I love Barabbas.. I love him..” And I wrestled a little ‘But God, he is a bad man..’ “I love him.. and I wanted him to go free.” ‘But didn’t you know that he probably would have never acknowledged the free gif-’ “Yeah… But I love Barabbas..”

"For while we were still sinners Christ died for us." God sent His Son for Barabbas, even the one He knew would walk away from Jesus and His free gift, and never come back… He loves Him. And the nerve, all the audacity of the believers to think "I got saved by grace, but now that I’m in this deep, dark place of bondage, I better work hard to get myself out..’ WHAT?! That’s the opposite of the gospel. Are you bound? Are you held under the power of this temptation and sin? Do you feel like it’s controlling you? What are you going to do? ‘Oh I’m going to shake and set myself free’… STOP IT. NO YOU WONT. YOU’RE NO MATCH FOR THE POWERS OF HELL, AND THE URGES OF SIN. YOU WILL NOT OVERCOME IT AND YOU’LL NEVER OVERCOME IT. YOU’LL JUST BE ANOTHER STATISTIC. There’s no answer within yourself. Your own goodness, your own discipline, your own devotion will not save you. There’s only One that can save you. and He’s the One that took your place. 

He’s the one that stood on the platform with pilate and said “Yes, let them have Barabbas … Take Me.”  How many times have I stood on that platform with pilate and Jesus and I’m the Barabbas. And they start to take my chains off and I say ‘NO! NO! I DESERVE THIS. I DESERVE THE GUILT, I DESERVE THE SHAME, I DESERVE THE CONSEQUENCE. I DESERVE IT.’ And Jesus seems to look at me and say “NO child, let Me have it. Let Me have your sin, let Me have your pain.” and I say ‘No God I did it to myself… I deserve it. I deserve it all.’ —- “NO!”  God I’m so ashamed..He says “Give Me your shame…” But God, what if I do it again? He says “I’ll still be here…” Oh God I don’t want to hurt You, I love You, I don’t want to do this anymore.. He says “Everything will be alright, just give Me your sins…”

This is all we have, this is all I have and this is all you have. We can play games, we can play church games. We can pretend like some people are better than others, and that’s why they’re blessed. Or we can all come to the honest conclusion that it’s God, and it’s God alone. The greatest challenge is not your discipline, your devotion or your focus. Your greatest challenge is believing and living the Gospel. Could it be that there’s a God with a love so scandalous, so wide, so deep, so vast, so high, so expansive, so welcoming and so inclusive…? “Let Me have your sin, My Child.” ….. and I give Him my sin, and I stand in this empty space of forgiveness and acceptance while Jesus walks off to the cross that I deserve. I see Him, I see Him walking to the post to be whipped. As I stand a free child, all the attention is turned now; and I feel the love of God saying “Go My child, live your life! I’ll pay the price..” Where did we get off thinking that we were going to set ourselves free? It’s still Jesus, It’ll always be Jesus and it’ll never stop being the power of Jesus. His blood is sufficient for your salvation. His blood is sufficient to sustain you, through every sin, and every challenge and every temptation.

Jesus is enough.

"Awaiting Your soothing voice to speak peace to my soul, Your gentle hand to place patience on my heart, Your warm breath to breathe wisdom into my mind, and Your compassionate Holy Spirit to bring comfort to my very being. Here, in the midst of Your presence, when I am without understanding, I await Your softened whisper in the night that speaks to my very core - “My child, Here I am…’ and as You turn Your beautiful face toward me, Your hand gently brings me alongside You, and You remind me yet again, that You are faithful, forevermore."

Jacinta / hope-movement

"Take time to rest in Him and find your comfort and assurance within His embrace, and as you seek and pursue all that He has for you, remember His face, turning over His shoulder as He leads you into battle after battle and triumph after triumph, sword in hand and courage in heart. Hold your head high, take a firm grasp of His hand as He reaches for you, and allow Him to bring you into full alignment with all He desires for you internally and externally. Remember to breathe, and take heart in knowing that He is gracious, loving and patient with you, and He champions you, supports you and cherishes you. Set your eyes upon the shadow of protection that His body walking ahead of you casts, and go about your ways with Him at the forefront of your mind. Allow His leading to bring you peace amongst the chaos and stillness amongst the rush and movements of life and ministry. Take time to lean into His love, smell the sweetness of His personal heart for you, and let His name forever be on your lips, in the very same way that honey is to a bee, and blossoms are to spring. Be captivated in Him, that He may be your soul devotion and your only focus forevermore."

Jacinta / hope-movement.tumblr.com

Just a thought….

As image-bearers of God and disciples of Christ, we each reflect aspects of His character in different ways. Christ champions our individuality, our uniqueness and our personal qualities and uses them to point people towards His kingdom. Comparing your witness and influence to that of your brothers or sisters is like comparing a telephone to a car. Of course, both are highly useful and important in life; but neither find their value in their comparison to one another, but rather, their worth comes from doing what they are created by their Maker and Authenticator to do… So don’t be defined by those around you, but be defined by Him who made you.

You Are…

"Don’t let your public and social media faith, be bigger than your relationship and intimacy with God."

"Gratitude towards Jesus may not always change your problem, but it will always change your perspective."

"Don’t ask God for anything until you have thanked Him for everything."

"And in the end, you never come second when you put Jesus first."

Your love for me is an intimate depth of healing, and comfort. Your grace toward me is a matchless gift, an incomparable reward. Your power in me is a mighty and flowing river, flooding my soul; saturating my very inner core. Your mercy for me, is a raging fire, all consuming and cleansing. Your feet walk before me, and Your light surrounds me; You never leave me, nor forsake me. And as I rest in You, at the going down of the sun, after all is said and done, and my heart is pulsing with the very same beat as Yours; What else can I do, what more can I offer, than all of myself, in honour and worship toward You. And so here I am Father, bowing before Your majesty. Find me here, on my knees again; longing, yearning for Your presence. Kneeling on the sure foundations of Your sovereignty, dwelling in the secret place of Your care and enduring peace, in sweet surrendered hope. Lord, set Your foundations in the deepest parts of my soul, that I may inhale and exhale Your presence, for all the days of my life. By Jacinta / hope-movement.tumblr.com

"I believe love is intentional, radical and without boundary or limitation. I believe it comes like a rushing flood, like a consuming fire, like a soothing wind. I believe it penetrates the depths of your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. I believe it envelopes you, engulfs you and enthrals you. I believe it grows, challenges, ignites and inspires you. I believe it is without hesitation, without fear, and without judgement. It is without doubt, without concern, and without segregation. I believe it is all inclusive, all empowering and all invoking. I believe it is as sure as your King, as strong as your Maker and as true as His existence. I believe it is designed for you to access, it is designed for you to experience, and it is designed for you to exude. You are a living, breathing love-letter, an expression of His almighty affection for you, and for His people."